Strovich takes us to Charlotte’s Paradisco

So Charlotte Gainsbourg…I’m a fan. Some might say a sucker for her. Those that might say these things would be absolutely correct. That pixie-like voice gets me every time. The fact that she’s cute as a button ( <--- look at that picture!! <--- )helps as well, but really it's all in that voice. 'Dat voice! Anyway, we've established that I'm a fan, so when Strovich here gets his electro fingers all over it and provides some punch to go along with the voice, well, I'm powerless to resist. Fret not, though. I did ask an impartial source to make sure what I was digging wasn’t just my natural reaction to Charlotte and huzzah! the answer came back positive. If the Strovich name sounds familiar, it’s for a reason. We’ve posted a few of his tracks before (HERE and HERE) and really like what he’s doing. This producer from the frozen tundra of Edmonton first was introduced to us via our submission inbox and we’ve been following him ever since. So follow Strovich’s sounds (HERE) like we do and enjoy his tunes.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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