Remixes for your soul

Ghost Ark remixing Coldplay. Conflicted yet? Yeah I feel the same way, but I’ve recently heard some pretty great remixes of tracks that I don’t really care for normally, and this one is no different. Then there’s Bon Iver remixed by Phantom Shilla and The XX remixed by zaika. Are you seeing a pattern here? If not, here it is…great producers remixing well known artists/songs to great effect.

If I hadn’t posted so much from these guys (zaika, Phantom Shilla, Ghost Ark) previously I’d not lump them into the same post, but I feel like they wouldn’t mind and I know you guys don’t mind, so here ya go.

The first track is that Coldplay remix I mentioned before, and the second is a great Bon Iver remix by Phantom Shilla. Following, and by no means the third best of these, is zaika’s remix of The xx’s track Angels. Good good stuff and worthy of multiple listens. Following these guys is also worth your time so show them some love by following their work: Phantom Shilla, zaika, Ghost Ark.

  Coldplay – Fix You (Ghost Ark Remix) by Ghost Ark__†

Bon Iver- Calgary (Phantom Shilla Remix) by Phantom Shilla

The xx – Angels (ZAIKA Remix) by •zaika•

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