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Arkist in the Afternoon

Bristol’s Arkist is quickly becoming one of my favorite producers around. His ‘out of the box’ style is hard to »

Michna, and those horns. He really was the man when he dropped his Swiss Glide track with the combination of »

So Charlotte Gainsbourg…I’m a fan. Some might say a sucker for her. Those that might say these things would be »

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Cry Wolf gets emotional with Mum

Cry Wolf gives us another installment of their remix EP that they’ll be releasing to the public soon, and if »

Culprate and his new album Nightmares in Reality has set the bar really high. 5 tracks that range from neurofunk, »

So this Iggy Azealia…what exactly does she have besides a ponytail and some good production behind her? Well, with this »

THiNK set the precedent today with his bangin post earlier this morning so I have to reply in turn. So »

Thanks to everyone for making this remix competition EPIC!  While the submission period is over for the Honey Claws “I »

What better way to kick off the work week and start the morning with a bang than by jamming SKisM’s »

Bubba Sparxx and Ying Yang Twins…two artists I never really put much stock in, and really still don’t. Gimmick rap »

When was the last time you heard or even thought of Kosheen? Well when a sample is dropped in the »

One thing you have to know about this post before you read on is that this is full of me »

We’ve all heard AlunaGeorge, well, maybe some of us have, but what we can’t get enough of is her voice, »

Flosstradamus gives us the Trap to live by. Yeah they’ve been everywhere and everyone knows their name, but y’know, you »

Klaypex is at it again.  They seemed to lay low after the release of their great album Ready To Go »

What else can I say about this amazing mash-up from GenErik other than when it works out as good as »