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Afternoon Groove

Fresh out of Australia comes some super soulful funky vibes from Dizz1. His fresh new take on Benny Tone’s ‘Home’ »

New goodness from Kent based producer Draper. This one is seriously chill and following the last two I posted, this »

ImprintAfter’s new track Eating U has me bouncing all over the place (may be the gallon of coffee as well). »

Just like Ghostland Observatory, Neon Indian holds a special place with me being a group of artists I am proud »

It seems as if heRobust is releasing fire every single week. Just take a look at these posts as evidence. »

Ghost Ark remixing Coldplay. Conflicted yet? Yeah I feel the same way, but I’ve recently heard some pretty great remixes »

Well good morning, Star Slinger. Your newness is a welcome gift, y’know. While I’m not suffering from dehydration, alcohol induced »

So everyone has acquired the Culprate EP after reading Monday’s post of his track Hall of Mirrors, right? Right? ┬áNo? »

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Snubluck’s got on them Moonbootz

You know how I know Snubluck is on fire? He cannot do any wrong. This track is just so great »

Oh hey there Friday afternoon! You’re wanting to get ready for some raging, aren’t you? Well try some funky glitch »

It’s payday Friday and I’m feeling carefree, so kick back with me and let this killer Notorious BIG remix from »

Bored, lonely and making amazing musical in only 30 minutes in no way to go through life, son. Or is »

More goodness from the land down under courtesy of Tincture. This Usher re-fix is pure magic, and the very best »

NiT GriT remixing Bon Iver? Is this real life? Yeah it is and yeah he did it. when Bon Iver »

Our good pals Adventure Club dropped another heater on us this afternoon. It’s no secret that we’ve been following these »

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The Summer Battle Arrives! *EXCLUSIVE HOT FIRE*

THE CONTEST HAS ENDED! And man has it been fun! We will be announcing the winners in the next few »