Liar is so nice and dark

When was the last time you heard or even thought of Kosheen? Well when a sample is dropped in the middle of a great track, such as Liar’s Nosferatu, you are slapped with that “Whoa, I know this!” realization. Kosheen’s Hide U was a great track back around the turn of the century riding the wave of electro meets vocalists such as from Lamb, Everything But The Girl, Olive, etc. Kosheen stuck out as something a little darker and edgier without being overt about it. Or maybe that was just me.

Whatever the case, Liar, out of Romania, here has used the sample for his own purposes, a darker, deeper and more sub-worthy purpose and it works so well. The stark soundscape at the beginning belies the complexity towards the end of the song and those who don’t suffer from extreme ADHD will be rewarded for listening to the track in its entirety.

And for those who are of the budget conscious variety (who amongst us isn’t?) check out the compilation this track is included on (HERE) as well as the site that hosted the compilation. Much free music abounds.

So do your followings of Liar (HERE), and check those LifeCrushed guys/gals (HERE) too. As a bonus, check this new track and enjoy the continuing juxtaposition of atmospheric synths, vocals and beat with the darker edged elements layered in.

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