Late Nights, Early Mornings with CoMa and Koda

When you follow artists for awhile and dig on their work in their own disparate, yet somehow similar worlds, you get excited when they come together to join forces like amoeba’s in a petri dish.  Some might say, abnormally excited, and some might say not excited enough.  Whatever the case, we’ve posted a few of these collaborations recently (EPROM & Boreta, LoBounce & Ooah, Pixelord & heRobust, etc.)  and this one is no different.  This collab between two very chill, and magnificent artists is enough to make your early morning/late night so much more enjoyable.  Whether you’re coming down from a raging party, getting some late night work done, or just vibing out to a soundtrack by candlelight, this will do you right.

CoMa’s seen these pages before (for example), but this is Koda’s debut.  Great artist that Koda is, but yet no ink as of yet.  Pairing Koda and CoMa together for his debut ain’t bad, though!

So check these tunes, follow both CoMa and Koda and snag the free downloads while you’re at it!

Koda & CoMa – In the Deserts of La Femme Period Chaser by -CoMa-

Koda – Falling Into Bitter Ends (CoMa Remix) by -CoMa-

Koda – Glass Veil (CoMa Remix) by -CoMa-

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