heRobust has a Screw Loose

It seems as if heRobust is releasing fire every single week. Just take a look at these posts as evidence. Last week’s Rob & Hood EP was a fun romp through the trap elements and now he has glitchy bass comin at you. A release through Muti Music shows not only Hayden’s maturation in his music, but also professionally.

The album is below for your previewing enjoyment, (thanks to Muti Music for the pre-release!) and on September 4 the album will be available to purchase and download. For those of us who have followed him since the old days, or just for those who have recently discovered his earlier works, this album will remind you of those older works. I can honestly say that I’d be fine with whatever direction heRobust took with his future releases and this album and a return to the glitch is a case in point.

So enjoy the stylings of heRobust and follow his work (HERE). And if you don’t know Muti music, follow them (HERE) and see how much greatness they have in their catalogue.

  heRobust – Bubba Sparkles by Muti Music

heRobust – Screw Loose by Muti Music

heRobust – WalMartian by Muti Music

heRobust – Bandana Pancakes by Muti Music

heRobust – Doomfounded by Muti Music

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