heRobust Goes Rob & Hood

HeRobust is back, ladies and gentlemen, and he wants you to party with him. The man has been murdering it lately and instead of resting, he’s put out a 5 track EP for everyone’s enjoyment. The fact that he is releasing an EP is exciting enough, but the fact that he’s giving it away to his fans is even moreso exciting. It shouldn’t be any surprise that this is given away as he’s made it a mission to make much of his music free to the fans (reference his Bandcamp page).

This trap meets dubstep sound is heRobust having fun with two exciting genre’s while making something that would slay at parties. He’s done so with aplomb with this Rob & Hood EP and it’s good to see he’s not done there.

Readers of the blog need no introduction to heRobust, nee Hayden Kramer, as evidenced by these posts (HERE). He was also nice enough to answer a few questions of ours, while on vacation even! Read the interview and listen to the rest of the EP after the jump.

Rob & Hood by heRobust

Beanie Babymama by heRobust

When You Was on Myspace by heRobust

Malt Flickr by heRobust

Dirty South by heRobust

For Full Interview with heRobust, CLICK HERE

Hailing from Atlanta and re-working a lot of rap, Trap seems to be your kind of genre. You surprised with the sudden fascination or is it just a natural progression?

Ha, extremely surprised. Rap and Hip Hop are a huge part of the culture in Atlanta. Its just always been that way. When all this trap stuff started blowing up it was great because that’s what we’ve always loved down here. At the same time it was very funny, because it’s been given this name (Trap) so a lot of people think it’s this brand new thing. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

What was the inspiration for this EP?

Rob & Hood is just about fun to me. This was the kind of music I wanted to hear at parties, so I set out to make it. Its a nice middle-ground between trap and dubstep.

Is this something you’ll look to continue or is this a one-time deal with this genre?

I honestly don’t know. I want to continue to tackle new genres as they pop up because it’s really fun for me as a producer to pursue new challenges. That being said, I’ll always love rap and hip hop and I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up coming back to it.

You are one of the rare artists that gives away much of your music. What is your philosophy re: free music for the fans?
Oh yeah man, it’s all about the fans. I’m not doing this for anything else. I just want to share the tunes with whoever wants to get down.

How did you get into producing?

Haha. see J Dilla, DJ Premiere, Prefuse73

Since you produce music across different genres, which genre is the most challenging for you and which is the most fun?
My favorite is probably downtempo ‘beat’ music. The genre allows for WAY more creativity, and you can really get pretty weird with it. It’s the most experimental of the electronica genres in my opinion. The most challenging for me is probably juke or footwork. My tunes usually revolve around melodies and progressions as opposed to percussion. It’s just not my focus. So stuff like juke is just really unnatural for me.

Do you have a wishlist of artists you’d like to collaborate with? If so, who are a few?

As far as producers go, I’d love to work with Baauer, Hudson Mohawke, or Eprom. I’d also love to work with some lyricists though. Some examples are Riff Raff, 2 Chainz or D’angelo.

What artists are you listening to these days?

2 Chainz, TNGHT, Krampfhaft, XXYYXX

What’s next for heRobust?

Maaaan Im so fortunate to be touring with Opiuo and Vibesquad this fall. Really excited for that. Also, in september I’l be dropping an ep on Muti Records. That one is back to my glitch hop and downtempo roots. Fans of my earlier albums should dig it. The releases should keep coming all year too. I got several more finished and I cant wait to get these out!
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