Griz gets funky yet again!

Griz just can’t do any wrong. Seriously, he can’t. I’ve looked to try and find a weakness, and there’s nothing. This track, off of a forthcoming album Mad Liberation and dropping September 4th, shows how stellar this album is really going to be.

I don’t have to hear another song to know that I’m buying it as soon as it drops.

This track isn’t a one-off either. It continues a narrative of greatness that Griz, 22 year old producer out of Detroit, has been writing for years now. Employ heavy crunchy beats, funky bass, add in some glitchy synths and in this track’s case some sexy sax. That sax by the way, is all him as well.

Yeah that’s right. Not only does he lay down the jams, but he can play the sax. Told you there’s no weakness in his game!

If you haven’t already, follow the Griz and get down on all of his tracks. They’re worthy of every shake your booty has in it.


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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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