Daedelus gives us the juke

Daedelus is complex. His tracks range from dark juke to whimsical and airy. The one constant through all of this is that he’s a maestro at whatever he sets his mind to. Genre’s don’t mean anything to Daedelus and I absolutely love that about his work. I get a kick out of imagining someone sitting down to some Daedelus and driving themselves crazy trying to decipher what genre, or sub-sub-sub genre to classify his works.

You might remember a few Daedelus tracks we’ve posted before (HERE and HERE) and with this installment it just adds to the catalogue of great works that defy convention.

So follow the guy (HERE) and see for yourself how amazingly confusing he can be. As a bonus check this juked out romance track from a few weeks ago. Love it!

773 Love (Daedelus’ Pacific Mix) by Daedelus

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