Cry Wolf gets emotional with Mum

Cry Wolf gives us another installment of their remix EP that they’ll be releasing to the public soon, and if it sounds a little different than the fare from before, well you’d be right. It’s a remix of a track by Mum, a wonderful downtempo group out of Iceland who specialize in the atmospheric and sweeping tunes that’d make anyone want to rush into a mountain stream and lay down on the moss-covered rocks.

Up to this point, Cry Wolf has been making bangers by remixing bangers (See? and See?), but with this one they tried a different tact. Bangerfying a downtempo track from 2001 and creating that balance this remix EP looks to be building. I salute the Cry Wolf guys for jumping a little off the beaten path to remix this track. This is a track that resonates with Cry Wolf and they’ve done a great job instilling their own sound onto it without drowning the original wonderfulness of it.  Justin, one part of the duo, says this about the track:

“I was so in love with this song when I first heard it that I literally made this remix 2 minutes after I heard it for the first time, and then listened to it on repeat all night. It’s been in the works to officially release for a while now.

Like my other remixes, I really wanted to keep the aesthetic of the original. I tried to maintain the ethereal, somewhat haunting tone, while stepping up the intensity in true Cry Wolf style. This track is really chill, but I am in love with how it turned out, and everyone that has heard it so far has been as well, so I really hope you like it!”

So enjoy this change of pace from the North Cackalackians, and follow them as they lead us along on the road to the Remix EP. Not sure about you, but I’m enjoying the ride!

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