Compilation Awesome-splosion!

What happens when you give me a Gravitas Records compilation on a day I’m flying out for vacation? It’s the best send-off I could imagine!

Gravitas records has a great stable of talent and much of that is featured on this Compilation. Cryptex, ONE4ALL, Digital Connection, Psymbionic, and the great label head Jesse Brede himself all feature on gravitas and all are favorites of The Waxhole.

This compilation, while containing only one of the aforementioned artists, features others that are on our radar, for example AMB, Mochipet and the aforementioned Cryptex whose tracks are below.

Also check the others below and whatever you do go cop this album (HERE)! It’s a pay what you want kind of deal and I recommend droppin’ a few coppers into the hate because this compilation is great!

<a href=””>On the Run by AMB</a><p><a href=””>Domo’s Bass Station by Mochipet</a></p><a href=””>Error by Cryptex</a>

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