Bronze Whale reminds us Where You Should Be

Bronze Whale, those guys who have been killing on the remix front, just gave us something else to chew on.

Up to this point they’ve destroyed with re-rubs of LIPS, Youth Lagoon, Honey Claws, and Meiko. So what happens when they get some vocals from sultry songstress, Kandace Ferrel, of a cover of Skream’s track Where you Should Be? Well, they kill as per usual. Evoking Purity Ring type vocal work, yet staying true to their own brand of subtle, but head noddin’, wubbin’ dubstep, these Whales of Bronze have given us the type of excellent fare we’d expect with a bit of a change-up.

What this track compels you to do (besides dancing your face off) is to follow the guys of Bronze Whale, follow Kandace Ferrel, and by all means, download this track to repeatedly jam, share, love and caress…in whatever order.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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