Arkasia’s new album

Arkasia keeps bringing the freshness.  Dubstep has gone through a lot of permutations, but Arkasia seems to always post the goodies no matter the swings.  Either he’s keeping ahead of the curve or he’s just THAT good.

He just released an album off of Heavy Artillery Records and it’s already blowing up on Beatport (HERE).  Running the gamut from hard banging dubstep to really melodic and smooth, the album covers a lot of ground.  For all of the bad press surrounding dubstep (and many times fully warranted) there are those that continue to do it right.  I count Arkasia (whom we have posted before HERE) as one of those doing it the right way. 

So check out this track, head on over to buy the album (HERE) and follow Arkasia for more of his releases.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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