AlunaGeorge is STILL lovely

We’ve all heard AlunaGeorge, well, maybe some of us have, but what we can’t get enough of is her voice, and their production. Back when AlunaGeorge’s EP was released in Europe (NOW available for us Yanks HERE) there were remixes bandied about from artists like Bondax, Brenmar, Riton, and the ones I liked most, BobbyTank (HERE) and Lapalux (HERE). The name was out there after that and so this eagerly anticipated follow-up was…well…eagerly anticipated. And here’s the first track to surface from that eagerly anticipated follow-up…can you tell I’m awaiting a follow-up…eagerly?

This duo of Aluna Francis and George Reid out of London is at it again with a great tripped out track called Your Drums, Your Love.  Juxtaposing Aluna’s wonderful voice with the Bleep Bloop style backing is a perfect dance that they’ve carried off so well in the past and again with this track. Your drums, Your love, which will be released in October, will also be part of a full length release that will be dropped in 2013.  Why must labels make us wait so long?!?

Whatever the case, Follow AlunaGeorge HERE, Like them HERE and love this song like I do.

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