Adventure Club is on Fire

Our good pals Adventure Club dropped another heater on us this afternoon. It’s no secret that we’ve been following these guys for awhile (check this first post back last June!) and it’s not because they’re charming lads (they are, though). It’s because they keep putting out the quality music. Melodic dubstep is something they’re pretty good at, along with those Bronze Whale guys, and they keep defining the sound with every track.

This is a remix of an Alexisonfire track To A Friend. The vocals enhance the production, or is it the other way around? Whatever the case it’s the same slowburn awesomeness that we keep getting from these guys every time they drop a track.

┬áSo yeah, follow these guys (HERE) and make sure you are on the boat when it leaves the dock. You don’t want to miss this party.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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