Archive for August 28th, 2012

Bobby Tank has been an artist that I discovered from fellow Waxholer JAQUES and I am glad for it. Bobby »

Daedelus is complex. His tracks range from dark juke to whimsical and airy. The one constant through all of this »

Culprate has been nice enough to upload my personal favorite from the his latest Nightmares in Reality EP with ‘Two’. »

Phutureprimitive remixing Teardrop is just too good to pass up.  Even though this song has been overplayed whether on the »

Blackbird Blackbird remixing Bjork is like when they mixed jelly in with the peanut butter. Two good things and then »

Welp. THiNK has gone and done it. He’s inspired me to post some covers by a favorite artist of mine, »