Sweekuh gets that petrol out

Sweekuh, out of Philly, gives us a tasty album that he’s made FREE for us all to download and enjoy. The 5 track album has everything from dancefloor bangers (L’Emergency) to housey feelin groove (Till Vandalism) and ends with a piano driven mash up of Above & Beyond’s track Small Moments and Zedd’s track Spectrum, but the fact remains this is a fun album that has enough fire to ignite any party like a blood drenched Carrie.

I’ve posted the album in it’s entirety and you can see for yourself how tasty the album really is. Using samples from artists as random as Zedd, Justice and Above & Beyond, and then remixing Bingo Players makes this album a little bit of this and a little bit of that. You’ll see my two favorites below first, but the rest of the album is very deserving a listen.

Once you’ve finished, you can follow Sweekuh HERE and enjoy the other stuff he has out there.

L’Emergency by Sweekuh

Lightspeed Back by Sweekuh

Cry (Just a Little) (Sweekuh Hyphy Edit) by Sweekuh

My Feelings For Funky Vodka by Sweekuh

Till Vandalism 2.0 by Sweekuh

Spectrum Moments by Sweekuh

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