Phantom Shilla with some more Greatness

Phantom Shilla is back at it again with some more chilled out goodness.  Two tracks that follow up his debut on the blog (HERE) quite well.

The first track, 25 Years, is one he made and released on his 25th birthday.  So first off, everyone tell him Happy Belated Birthday, and second, enjoy the track, then thridly, Download and finally share with everyone you know.  The vocals coupled with the drums and atmospheric synths really make for an enjoyable listen.

The second track, A Nightingale, is a little more chilled, but still quite good.  The use of the vocal sample with the melody really evokes the emotions, whatever they might be at that particular time.

As I mentioned before in the first post of his music, you need to follow this guy (Danny Corker is the name) and enjoy what he comes out with.  He won’t disappoint.

A Nightingale by Phantom Shilla

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