Kinematix gets Funky

It’s one thing to make your groovin’ funky track, but entirely a different story to make it GOOD. Kinematix has done just that. Taken some good ol’ horn driven funk and infusing some ear ticklin’ fuzzy bass to the mix to make an even groovier track.

Kinematix has been feature on the blog a few times and this track shows why he continues to be watched, followed, and anticipated. He’s got goodness in his knob-tweakin fingers and we love it when he drops a new joint.

So listen to this, groove down on it then follow Kinematix for more goodies. And for a bonus, enjoy his rework of Roberta Flack, one of Soul’s heroes.

Roberta Flack – Sunday and Sister Jones (Kinematix Retwerk) by KineMatix_Music

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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