Indie Dance for your Soul

Indie Dance Tuesday anyone? So that’s not really a thing here, but it feels appropriate today when two good indie dance tracks show their faces.

One from a great producer named Ryan Paradise out of Chicago (Follow HERE) and the other a producer by name of MyKill (follow HERE) out of San Francisco. Both have done good stuff in the past, but today is the first for both to appear on the blog. I suggest following these two gents and enjoying their back catalogue.

This track from Ryan Paradise is a slick remix of Goldroom’s great original Fifteen and with the grooving bassline makes the track a danceable and head bobbing. The second, a great remix of a Digerati track Peak Performance. As a bonus, the Digerati EP where this song wa staken from and remixed is quite good on its own. Check that HERE.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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