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But for a limited time you can still snag the stems and check out the Honey Claws interview below!

Friends of Waxhole – Honey Claws have released their new album “Money Jaws” (full album available on iTunes) and have hooked us up with stems to their featured track “I Love Summer” along with an awesome interview .

“Money Jaws” is a super diverse album blending hip hop, electro, pop, and indie. Check out the single below along with a featured dubstep remix from Bronze Whale.

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How did the name honey claws come about?
I made a sharpie drawn t shirt of a tiger with honey dripping out of his mouth then made a myspace page for it for my solo project. Thomas and I met a few months later and started making tracks for the first album. We both liked the name and decided to roll with it.
Can you tell us a little about the members of HC and what you do in in the group?
The first record we worked with more people as the core unit. Ben Senior and Traey Hatch helped with that one. Now it’s just Thomas and I for the time being. My strong suit is songwriting in general. I make beats and write melodies/lyrics constantly. Thomas has a really good ear for what sounds good, knows how to shape tracks into a bigger and better final product and also makes beats. We work with a lot of source material at the beginning and just whittle it down together into something we’re both proud of. That goes for the lyrics and the music underneath. On the new record we took a very open minded approach to each other’s opinions on everything rather than having a clear-cut defined role. I think it really helped to make something better.
Knowing that you (Thomas) are in New Zealand and Jon is in Sweden, How hard is it to collaborate living so far apart?
It makes it more difficult but we’ve both been working in the music industry in various ways for a long time. Because of that we’re effective with the time we have together in the same room. Aside from that we have skype meetings to address business stuff and planning, which works well.
What brought you back to Austin to make the album?
We are both from Austin and grew up in the same school system there. It stirs up a lot of emotion for me to be home and definitely channels into the music. Also we made the first record in Austin and Houston and are proud of the results with that one, so we figured: why not try it again…

The album is very diverse in the genre and style of each track. Was that a conscious decision or did it just come through that way in the studio?

It’s natural for us to do a lot of different styles of tracks. For me it comes from having a diverse interest in genres spanning from hip-hop to pop. We just write and what comes out we work with. Some bands might stop and say: ”that’s no our sound, so we can’t finish this idea.” For us every idea has the potential to be great if executed properly. We see them through regardless of genre. Since we both have strong musical personalities there is a sound that is attached to all of the songs. That sound makes it Honey Claws and not sounding like ten different bands on the album.

How did the album come about?

We had some source material to pull from when we started. There were some unfinished ideas lying around that had to be finished. Other than that we just cranked out jams in a room for a month straight. 12 hour days, 7 days a week. It was pretty hard towards the end. I was getting tired for sure, but we’re both really stoked on the final results.

Looking back to the past album, What changes and improvements to your sound do you feel really show in this new album?

We have just refined our craft over the last few years. Our strong suits have gotten stronger as well as our weak ones. We both like to think we are better people now as well haha.

What is it about I Love Summer that made you want to use it for the remix competition?

For me it is good timing. Summer is here and it feels right to push that jam at the forefront for the time being. It’s also a fun song and it’s one of the more clubby dance tracks on the record. We felt that would make for good remixes.

What are you hoping to see with the competition?

Hoping to hear some amazing jams! There are so many talented musicians and producers on the earth. I’m excited to hear how our music sounds coming from their point of view.

What’s Next for HC?

Planning the release, setting up infrastructure on the business end and planning the tour. There is also the live show of course, which needs to be honed with the same energy as the album. It’s going be a lot fun working on that.

You guys going to do any touring?

Yes, planning on it when the time is right. We try to aim before we shoot nowadays. We will do a lot of research and planning beforehand rather than find venues in a bunch of cities and go for it.

More work on personal projects or more HC work?

We make music that we’re both really excited about when we work together, so it gets me pumped up to do more. We’ll definitely do more albums in the future and work at pushing the completed ones. I’m stoked to see what happens.
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