Griz gets Funky!

A wild day at Waxhole with our first remix competition dropping doesn’t diminish the fact that there is great music still being dropped. This time it’s from Griz, a producer out of Detroit, known mostly for his dubsteppin’ bangers. He’s given us something a little different, and I am absolutely digging it.

While Griz’s style of dubstep is more on the groovin’ side, these two tracks below show a full-fledged attempt to get the booties shakin’ without abandon.

The first track is a fun and funky vibe, with wubs and bass peaking through like tufts of hair through a knit hat makin’ it one great tune to bump along to. About a month ago, Griz released a track (second one below) that showed a continuation or maturation out of the dubstep box and this first track below reinforces that not only was it a successful step, but one that should continue.

You say you’re not following Griz these days? Well do it HERE and be happy. You’re in on the ground floor of what could be a new chapter of Griz.

You Got To Change by GRiZ

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