Gettin’ Primal with LoBounce and Ooah

Well here it is folks. The full EP (get it HERE) from LoBounce and Ooah. A day after they teased us with Peligrosa (HERE) they give us the rest today. It’s not what you might expect from the two who deal in slightly different mediums, but they make this work and work VERY well.

You know LoBounce by now and you definitely know Ooah (or at least his full time outfit Glitch Mob) but now get to know this side project, which doesn’t have a name to this point. That either signifies a one-and-done mentality to this project or just that they haven’t gotten around to it yet. Hopefully the reason for no name is the latter because I would love to see more from these great artists.

  FREAKS by LoBounce

LINE OF FIRE by LoBounce

Trash Talk by LoBounce

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