Friday Night Smoothness

For those of us stuck inside on a Friday night, we don’t need bangin’ ragers to remind us of what we’re missing outside. We need something chill, jazzy and smoothe, to let us know that we can have fun inside too!

So with that I’m bringing some goodness from Shigeto, care of Ghostly Records. A single from Shigeto is exciting enough, but add remixes by Sun Glitters, Braille, Sun Hammer and Evenings and it’s even more better. I’ve included the original single, which was shown to the world awhile ago plus the new Evenings remix as well as a bonus remix from Sun Glitters of another Shigeto tune, Lineage. Just because I’ve left a few tracks off of the post doesn’t mean the rest of the set isn’t worth listening to, so check it out HERE. Check out Shigeto and check out the great great Ghostly Records for more excellent music.

Shigeto – Huron River Drive by ghostly

Shigeto – Huron River Drive (Evenings Remix) by ghostly

Shigeto – Lineage (Sun Glitters Remix) by ghostly

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