Foreign Beggars do Birdy Nam Nam

So for those who don’t need syrup with their eggs, but rather chili piquin’s, here’s your fire to wake up to.

Foreign Beggars doin’ their thing to Birdy Nam Nam is one of those matches made in heaven kinda things. Always great to see two favorites get together for a remix or collaboration. Always! 

Birdy Nam Nam’s Jaded Future EP, which this track is featured on, is a collection of remixes and such that will also include a remix by another Waxhole favorite, Culprate.

Foreign Beggars you’ve seen on here before (See?), but Birdy Nam Nam, not so much ( 🙁 ).  That doesn’t mean Birdy isn’t good, just that we’ve missed posting until now.  At any rate follow them both (Foreign Beggars’ Soundcloud, Birdy Nam Nam’s Soundcloud) for some good tunes and enjoy this track to the utmost.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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