Easy Monday morning Chill

Sometimes when awesome falls into your lap, you don’t question it, you just act. This track came as a suggestion (yet another one!) from blog pal and unofficial guest contributor LuQuS. Not only does LuQuS feature on the blog (See?) but he’s referred two tracks of greatness to us now.

Paris based RIT does originals, remixes as well as production for a lyricist named B-Dub.  Following RIT (HERE) will show not too much material yet, but if the last couple of uploads are any indication, there will be much more goodness to follow.

The first track, Memories, is as luscious as it is sexy. With just the right amount of bass, beat and melody, this thing really gets you in the mood for whatever it is you need. The second track is his newest creation, a remix of Lunova Labs’ track La Vie gives us something else to really enjoy.

Lunova Labs – La Vie Feat. Olivia Lee (RIT Remix) by RIT

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