An-Ten-Nae ramps up to Acid Crunk X

An-Ten-Nae (he’s baaaack!) churns out them goodies on the regular, and even though I haven’t posted much lately from him, that doesn’t mean he’s stopped. He’s been working so much that he has his 10th Acid Crunk EP out!

Ten of these Acid Crunks is hard to believe there’ve been so many, but looking back on the artists he’s had collaborate and contribute you remember why you love him and the series so much. For a refresher or for an introduction check his page HERE and buy a few Acid Crunk albums.

Check out this trapped out remix of Santigold’s Freak Like Me as well as a fun mix of Major Lazer’s track Get Free. So follow An-Ten-Nae and cop that Acid Crunk X EP (HERE) sharpish.

Major Lazer Feat. Amber Coffman – Get Free (An-Ten-Nae Acid Crunk Remix) DL LINK INSIDE by an-ten-nae

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