Syzthaime and you are so Good Together

Sometimes you just feel like crawling back into bed, turning the clock over on its face and letting the guilt of playing hooky from work/school dissipate during a nice slumber continuance. However, for those of us that do not take that route, there is music to recreate that; albeit in a wakeful state.

Syzthaime does that with his EP and lone track I’m linking here. I usually wouldn’t want to inundate you with entire albums, but recreating the sleepful state while remaining fully functional requires more than just one track. So find here syzthaime’s EP “We’re Good Together (HERE) as well as a bonus track, KNDOFMGC Girl to get your day started…nice and easy.

While you’re at it, follow this producer out of France (HERE) and enjoy his other offerings. His stuff is well worth the perusal.

Syzthaime – Ur Body Around Me [out now] by Syzthaime

Syzthaime – Told Her [out now] by Syzthaime

  Syzthaime – First Night [out now] by Syzthaime

Syzthaime – KNDOFMGC Girl (free dl) by Syzthaime

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