Posij knocks the air out of ya’ lungs

Posij has really jumped onto the scene as of late. Being part of Noisia’s label helps, but putting together quality tracks after quality tracks is what really sets this producer from the Netherlands over the top. This morning, check out his EP, entitled Empty Lungs. There’s enough variety within this 4 track EP than most artists have in their entire catalogues.

You might remember Posij (pronounced Pose-eye….I think) from earlier  (HERE) and listening to that along with this EP makes it plain that he’s not just one to ride coattails. And to that extent, Noisia’s got some great taste, as if there was ever any doubt.

 At any rate, check out these tracks, head on over to the album download page for FREE Downloads (or contribute HERE if you really dig) and follow Posij for his new stuff. It’s exciting to see another dubstep artist get the right idea and break out of traditional sounds to explore newness.

  Posij – Empty Lungs (FREE DOWNLOAD) by posij

Posij – Revolt (FREE DOWNLOAD) by posij

Posij – Acoustic Robot (FREE DOWNLOAD) by posij

Posij – Artifact (FREE DOWNLOAD) by posij

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