OPIUO gives us that Butternut Slap…Part 2

OPIUO has done it again. He’s given us more goodness to munch on with our musical mandibles. Incorporating more organic instrumentation than usual, it still follows the same formula as always. Bounce your booty, nod your head and feel the groove.

OPIUO has been on this blog plenty of times before (like HERE and HERE) and each time it was treat to blog him.  But one thing that always stuck out was the pure goodness that his tracks held.

 I’d heard that OPIUO was gearing up for a tour using live instrumentation and scratched my head at how that might sound. I think we have our answer with Butternut Slap, Part 2.

So if you haven’t already, follow this guy HERE and purchase this EP forthwith (HERE)

Wiggle Sticks by Opiuo

Ripple by Opiuo

Don’t Hold Back ft. Syreneiscreamy + Russ Liquid by Opiuo

Butternut Slap by Opiuo

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