Martin Solveig’s Ready To Go (initial SHE version)

Martin Solveig’s Ready to Go SHE version is a nice happy electro tune that can’t help but make you smile on a Monday fraught with transitioning from a weekend of raging to a week of productivity. It’s not bangin enough to accentuate your 140 bpm headache, nor is it soft to the point of assisting in your napping in your car over lunch. It’s just the right amount of everything. Solveig’s been at it for awhile and his name is synonymous with electro dance, but this tune brings the level of sweaty down a notch to groovin’. This track off of Solveig’s Night Out EP is one of those tracks whose inclusion is a one-off (meaning no remixes) but yeah it’s a solid entry to break up the many remixes of The Night Out. Check out the album on iTunes and follow Solveig (HERE), if you haven’t already. He is one of the few big names who regularly posts stuff on his Soundcloud.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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