Mad Decent’s Lockah gives us a solid EP to enjoy

Lockah, a new EP from Mad Decent, was dropped yesterday after being teased by Mad Decent last month. It’s synthy, bassy, and mellow to the point where you feel like you need a smoking jacket and pipe to enjoy. Combining the Purply synths with trap drums, and chopped up vocal samples make this EP quite the enjoyable listen.

 The first track is the one Mad Decent teased last month and it remains an enjoyable listen, and my favorite from the EP. The next track is one with electri-horns, chimes and off-beat drum pattern that makes it quite the nice tune.  The last track, is the remix of The Sour Drink From The Ocean as a bonus.

Mad Decent has been kind enough to offer this album as a free download on their Soundcloud page HERE so cop it, jam it and have fun.

Lockah-The Sour Drink From The Ocean by Mad Decent

  Lockah-Goons N Roses by Mad Decent

Lockah-The Sour Drink From The Ocean (Pictureplane Dark Sea Remix) by Mad Decent

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