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A great new album came out a few days ago from kLL sMTH (remember him from 2NUTZ?), on Simplify Records a great label by the way, and continues the Album a Week vibe I’ve been trotting out there this week.

First we had The Digital Connection’s great album Center of Gravity, then came William Breakspear’s bangin’ Barcode, followed by Phantom Shilla’s fantastic EP Killing Daylight. Today we have kLL sMTH and his Serendipitous Travels EP. It is a great trip through the bassed out glitchy, bordering upon purple, landscape that is being formed as we speak.

The EP is 6 tracks and each one offers something a little different. The first track here starts you out with the same bass that you’re accustomed to and then throws dubstep in your face to a respectable degree without you required to wear a welding mask. It’s good change-ups and transitions all in one song, as well as for the EP itself.

The second track is a collab with another Waxhole favorite iONik (check him!) and the bass and synth work go together like peanut butter and nutella. It’s great to see two of our favorites get together on a track and churn out the goodness.

The third and final track on this post is just a fun romp through modulated vocoded vocals, hip hop samples and heavy beats…the epitome of what glitch hop is all about.

So have fun with this album, purchase it HERE, and follow kLL sMTH HERE. His solo projects and collaborations always delight.

  Whoa Bro by kLL sMTH

Crossing Paths – kLL sMTH & iONik by kLL sMTH

Brain Drops by kLL sMTH

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