Jubei and Flowdan Sayin’ Nuffin’

I’ve been waiting for this track to hit soundcloud so that I could share. I first heard this track on a radio rip and I was transfixed even with the annoying talk over from the DJ.

Jubei, is no newcomer to the Drum and Bass scene and Flowdan is no stranger to the scene either. Bringing the two together is just something that goes so well together it deserves it’s own post even if they just were caught getting a curry together.

I don’t usually post clips, as this track is, but A) it’s long enough to give you a good sense of what you’re in store for and B) the track is just too awesome not to share, even in clipped form. To get the full length version, go HERE and purchase. It’s well worth it.

At any rate, check this track and play it on repeat like I’ve been doing. Follow Jubei as well, to get the new sounds as they come out.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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