Introducing Synaesthetik!

I’d like to direct your attention to a new friend of Waxhole’s via DNGR Beats. Synaesthetik is a fresh new addition to the EDM world, and is showing some excellent talent right off the bat. I’ve selected his latest 2 songs to showcase this afternoon. First up is an original piece “Crimson” which has a wonderfully retro ambiance to it, and makes for a nice chill ride, followed by a fantastic remix of Radio Head’s “Give up the Ghost”.

Enjoy and show him some love HERE

A little info from the man himself:

“I am a drummer, producer, and photographer based out of Boulder, CO. I have been playing jazz drum set nearly my entire life, and have recently developed a love for electronic music. I record most of my samples on a MIDI keyboard and drum pads, and then mix them using a performance controller. I produce anything from multi-layered ambient-triphop soundscapes to dark, minimal, wobbly dance music, and I like everything in between. I like music that is well crafted, and full of spirit. At that point, genres begin to break down. Live and Breathe in Sound.”

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