Init and Khemehk give us the Aftermath

Ragin’ on a Friday is the 11th Commandment, right? The one that was chiseled on the back of those tablets that Moses displayed so proudly before he stubbed his toe and broke ’em forever to be lost and never seen. Until his forgotten brother Dwight found ’em a day later cleaning up after his older more famous brother. But who listened to Dwight, anyway?

Fear not! The 11th Commandment lives on with Khemehk’s remix of Init’s (with Protohype) track After The Goldrush. I was introduced to both of these guys via Protohype (This guy) and I’m glad he did because they each have great tunes on their own.
Check this track, follow Init (HERE) and Khemehk (HERE) to get some responsible dubstep in your face.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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