DJ Alias conquers this Empire

DJ Alias NZ has been one producer I’ve been following for a bit (as evidenced by these posts (HERE and HERE) and he’s now given us his first official EP.

A first EP for a producer all on it’s own is exciting, but the quality of the tracks included make it even more so. Not that we expected anything less, but he has met expectations and raised them even further.

 So check the tracks from the EP below, show him some love (HERE) and purchase the EP HERE so that baby seals around the world will appreciate you even more.

  Turn Around (Alias Remix) by Dj Alias (NZ)

No Quarter (Alias and Benson) by Dj Alias (NZ)

Empire (Alias ft Imagine This) by Dj Alias (NZ)

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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