Digital Connection teaches us about the Center of Gravity

A few weeks ago we linked you all to a Digital Connection track that was remixed by Waxhole favorite Cryptex (HERE) which was to be included in an album release. Well look out everyone, that album release is upon us. The album will be dropped tomorrow and today you get the sneak peek!

Gravitas Records has always given us tasty treats to nom on and this album is no different. Gravitas (check them HERE and HERE), also home to Cryptex, ONE4ALL and Psymbionic among many others is worth following for all of you glitchheads and those who enjoy quality music.

We have an original track on here for your enjoyment as well as great remix of Flight Facilities’ Crave You. These, plus the Cryptex remix you heard earlier and the rest of the originals Digital connection has is well worth the buy. Right now it will be exclusive on Addictech stary9ing tomorrow, but will be released on all sites where you buy your music after a week.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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