Breakspear’s Barcode

I do love it when a week is chock-full of album releases. On Monday we had The Digital Connection dropping a fantastic album (in case you missed it check it HERE), then yesterday we had William Breakspear release quite the nice little package.

You might remember Breakspear from a post we did a few weeks ago (HERE) that detailed Breakspear’s remix prowess. This album here, though, is full of originals and collaborations and it makes for a great listen from front to back.

I could have easily posted the entire album as it is THAT good, but in order to spare you the Soundcloud link deluge I’ve selected my favorite three tracks.
Check out the album HERE and follow his work HERE  if you haven’t already. His style is all over the map and its great to have the diversity as the underlying goodness never dissipates.

05 William Breakspear – Warrior Sound by William Breakspear

08 William Breakspear – Respect ft. MC Coppa by William Breakspear

06 William Breakspear – Innovation ft. Credit To The Nation & Georgina Upton by William Breakspear

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