You need more THiNK in your day

Your afternoons just got a whole lot better. THiNK, a contributor to this blog is featured here with two of his awesome tracks. You probably remember his great Anneka remix from a few weeks ago (and if not, check it HERE), and wondered what else this guy has been doing. Well below are some samples.

The first track is an oldie but a goodie. This is the magic bullet that he’d drop at parties when he DJ’ed (all vinyl too!) that would get the whole place raucous and throwin’ the WTF’s around with grins from ear to ear. It’s a change-up but in the best possible of ways.

┬áThe next is a fairly recent little track that he put together using a favorite of ours Aesop Rock with Loops Haunt, a great and underrated producer. It brings together Aesop’s strong vocals and vocal pattern with this tasty beat (which is outstanding all on its own as well).

It just underscores how lucky the blog is with THiNK’s contributions when he can also churn out gems like these on his own. So take a listen, and follow THiNK’s Soundcloud while you’re at it. There are some more tasty morsels like these to latch onto.

THiNK – Joplin Rock (Aesop Rock vs. Loops Haunt) by THiNK

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