TYR and Rodway Settles Us Down

Kimbra, whom we all know by now, is giving us more to enjoy with remixes that are filtering out gradually of her song Settle Down.

This particular remix is from TYR, a great producer out of Boulder, CO and his buddy Rodway. It’s swag, it’s bouncing and more than anything it combines Kimbra’s great vocals and classic feel to the electro stylings of TYR.

We’ve featured TYR before (HERE) and he’s cementing himself as a great remix artist. Taking on projects as diverse and fun as his sound. You don’t believe me, go check out his Soundcloud and give him a follow!

I enjoyed this one immensely the first 3 times I listened to it…so I’ll listen to it again, thank you very much!

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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