The Killabits and Figure bring the Heavy Artillery

As if Figure wasn’t already rippin’ enough shit on his own (check HERE and HERE), he’s now spreading his seed around generously collaborating with artists on their projects as well. The Killabits, out of Toronto, are stalwarts of the dubstep movement and now, with a little help from Figure, bring us someĀ  electrostep…fusing electro and dubstep…yeah I might have made that genre up…and now, some more ellipses….

Ok I got a little off track there, but we’ve been privy to The Killabits’ newest album that drops May 8th on all major downloading platforms and I have to say it’s pretty heavy. This track here, though, is one done in collaboration with Figure as mentioned above. It’s enough of a good time to show how great the album is. It’s a good representation of the sound and vibe.

We may or may not be posting the rest of the album when it comes out (thinly veiled foreshadowing) but when/if we do (struggling to hold the illusion) we’ll show you just how good the album is and just how badly you need to purchase it.

In the meantime, follow The Killabits on their Soundcloud, follow Figure on his Soundcloud and follow DOOM Music (HERE), Figure’s label, for some really great artists and releases.

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