Mr. Moods with a great tribute

It’s inevitable that when an artist and icon passes, the production community is quick to jump on remixing the artist’s catalogue adding their own style. Some do it as an homage, some do it for publicity and some do it because they’re bored. We saw it with Whitney Houston and we’ll see it with the Beastie Boys.  We’re already starting to see the first wave of Beastie Boys remixes and I’m sure we’ll see even more come through.

I’m not going to eulogize Yauch, because there will be many more and better articles doing that, but what is a universal truth is that what he and his fellow Beastie’s did for the production crews you’re listening to now is immeasurable. 

This track here, though, is one that I feel confident would not only be endorsed by the man himself, but one that sounds true to what the Beastie’s style is. Mr. Moods (follow him HERE) is a name you’ve heard of if you’ve read the blog for any amount of time as he’s teamed up with our friend Jenova 7 (check it). At any rate, take a listen, and think back to all of the music and good times were set to the Beastie Boys and Yauch’s easily distinguishable voice and lyrical patterns.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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