Mindbuffer gets Finely Cut

Mindbuffer and Fine Cut Bodies. One is a producer from Australia and the other is a producer from Hungary. Given the marvels of modern technology they’ve paired up and have given us some greatness in the form of a remix of Mindbuffer’s PanFM.

Mindbuffer has been featured here before (See? and See?), yet Fine Cut Bodies haven’t, which is odd. Odd in that Fine Cut Bodies have put out some great work and I’ve followed them for awhile and yet, he hasn’t been featured on here before. Well this post kills two birds with one stone then! Featuring Fine Cut Bodies, while featuring a Waxhole favorite, while featuring a great track….ok make that THREE birds with one stone. You get the picture.

So after you sample the track, follow each of these great producers (Mindbuffer’s Soundcloud, Fine Cut Bodies’ Soundcloud) and watch out for more goodies from them.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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