Matta Feels the Heat

Matta, two dudes from the UK, have been giving us the great dubstep for awhile now. Not only giving us the crunching bass we all want, but giving us the epic atmosphere to transport us to another world….or maybe that’s just me and my overactive imagination again.

We’ve featured Matta plenty of times before (HERE, HERE and HERE), so when they give us something new, we’re all over it. Yesterday they gave us an EP, available on Juno (HERE) via the Wicky Lindows label.

┬áCentury, my favorite of the three tracks is a fitting lead off joint giving you that feeling that you’re part of an epic battle scene from…ok there goes my imagination again… The second track Feel the Heat sounds like Matta took old school prodigy (and I mean ‘Jericho’ old school Prodigy) and retrofitted them with the current production skills and machinery. The third track, though, is nice and wobbly with enough wubs to satisfy that early morning craving.

See for yourself the greatness that is Matta and buy the EP (once again right HERE) for your overall edification. And follow them on their Soundcloud page for great new tunes and the occasional free download!.

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