Leaving Infinity up to Chance

We here at the Waxhole dabble in our presenting of the hip hop and while we don’t style ourselves as a hip hop blog, we all very much enjoy the genre and the offerings, eschewing mostly to the indie/backpacker style. So please indulge me in this posting of some indie rap out of Australia, won’t you?

I don’t know how or where I found this guy’s work, but I’m glad I have. Chance Waters out of Sydney gives us a variety of emotive indie rap. Some originals with crunching production, some laid over indie hits such as Gotye and Death Cab For Cutie.

Waters was ahead of the curve on using Gotye’s megasmash track “Somebody That I Used To Know” before it had really blown up, and lest you think he’s a one trick pony, he gives us a few originals as well that are greatness too.

¬†Following Waters is something I will be doing from now on. Sure he hasn’t a lot on his Soundcloud, or anywhere, really, as he has just started releasing official musics under his real name, shedding his moniker of Phatchance this past February. The track below, entitled Infinity, is his first to be released under his name and its a great start out in this new territory. The original tune is nice enough, but the production of Zeed The Mantis gives it a heavier punch that makes it irresistible.

So enjoy the stylings of this indie Aussie rap artist and thank you for indulging me in this foray into the indie rap.

Chance Waters X Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Remixed by One Above) by chancewaters

Chance Waters X Death Cab For Cutie – You Are A Tourist (Hip Hop Remix) by chancewaters

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