Deru gives us some of that Son Lux

Deru, as diverse as they get, does a re-touching on Son Lux that will get you really grooving in a much different fashion than the original. The track initially starts us out nice and quiet and refrained, then crescendos into a destructionist rendition of the originally sexy track. The underlying vocals and synth tether us to the fact that this was originally quite nice and mellow and something that would be on the playlist alongside The Weeknd, Stumbleine and LoBounce. Not to say this track isn’t quite awesome in its own right, it’s just awesome in a different way, and that’s just how Deru rolls. He doesn’t do anything conventional and he doesn’t do anything by a formula, but what he does is masterful…every time.

 Check his catalogue on Soundcloud (HERE), check his official website (HERE) and enjoy this incredibly diverse artist.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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