Crush Mode engaged

Usually Sundays on Waxhole are reserved for the more chill, the more laid back so as to ease you into the work week ahead, and help you recover from the weekend that was. However when Protohype gives us something, we listen no matter the day or mood. Luckily for everyone involved this track is enough of a fuzzy bass, driving beat and fizzy breakdowns to drive you from your lazy Sunday mood, to one that wants to rage on into Monday morning.

This track, a collaboration with Init, is actually an unfinished tune as this was on a stolen laptop of Protohype’s and therefore the further mastering is lost. 90% done, 80% done or even 70% done, this track bangs. Not only does it reintroduce us to Protohype (see this post HERE) but it introduces Init. There’s not much on Init’s Soundcloud page, but the power of this track compels me to follow and see what he has for us next. Oh and as always if you haven’t already, follow Protohype (HERE). Seriously…its worth it.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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