Chris B gets under Grimes’ Skin

Grimes gets the re-touch from ChrisB. Yeah it’s nice and sexy.

When Mr.. P aka Gunv’nah Penhale, gives us a recommendation, we are keen to listen. As is very often, I definitely concur with his assertion that this track is greatness and worthy of bloggifying.

Grimes is a great indie songstress who is no stranger to the electronic aspects of the genre and Chris B is no stranger to sexy re-rubbing (and also no stranger to the blog. Example), so combining the two was just a combo too good to pass up.

Follow Chris B and if you dig on the indie side of things, follow Grimes as well. And while everyone’s at afternoon tea eating their cucumber sandwiches (or butties, depending upon what part of town you’re in) raise a tea cup for Guvnor Penhale.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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